WHAT they are SAYING on YELP:

"I am updating my review after my follow up visit today. I love this doctor and his staff. First of all, the waiting room is ALWAYS full, but that doesn't mean your wait will be long, he keeps himself on schedule, I'm not even sure how he does it with all those patients. Today I was taken right in and told that Dr. wanted to see me as soon as I arrived, which let's be honest, that's always scary. But not to worry, he just wanted to go over my results without making me have to wait. He sat down and went over everything with me, showed me pictures, explained all his findings, he went line by line. Then he went over my treatment plan. I am so confident in this doctor, I would highly recommend him to anyone with any kind of stomach issues. His staff is amazing, they are friendly and make you feel comfortable. say enough about this Dr. Gandotra and his team!"
-Carolyn T.
"Dr. Gandotra is a great doctor, he saved my life. He found my cancer early. Had it not been for him, I would not be here today. He a very caring and wonderful doctor. If you think different, you want miracles."
-Irene J.
"Dr. Gandotra is a true life savior. I was having abdominal pain in the upper part. I went to see him. He had a detailed discussion with me. He asked if my pain moved anywhere. I told him that it goes to my upper back all the time. I remember him saying "we need to look at your pancreas.He scheduled me for a CT Scan of the abdomen. He called me with the results and asked me to come the office right away. His diagnosis was accurate. I had a tumor in the pancreas. We had a long discussion. He scheduled me to see Dr. Fusco next week who performed the surgery. Dr. G was always available during the recovery period. I am totally cancer free and can't thank Dr. G enough. I am a PHD and my brother is a doctor in California. As per the data, 80% of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer die within 6 months of diagnosis. I am one of the lucky few who survived thanks to the prompt diagnosis. I recommend him highly. God Bless."
"Dr. Gandotra is a soft spoken, gentleman who in my opinion is wonderful. Upon my initial visit with him he listened and asked questions as well as doing an exam. He determined that with my symptoms we should take a bit of a wait and see approach. Well, three months later when a test revealed the problem was still there I called for another appointment but that was not needed as he had written on my chart that if symptoms persist I should be scheduled for a colonoscopy. The day of the procedure - at Valley View Day Surgery (the best!) - he greeted me in the OR with a good morning and a big smile, I personally consider his bedside manner to be exceptional. I had no after effects, pain or any problems at all. I would highly recommend him to my own family and that is about as good as it can get...."
-Teri G.